Deveppa, our agent in Hirenellur (Karnataka, India), using one of our v2 Hubs in 2015.

Our Agents

Our agents are the real stars of BuffaloGrid. They form a vital link between our company and our customers. They sell services to their fellow villagers, making sure phones are charged-up and connected, even when the grid power is down.

Who They Are

Our agents are local shop owners and entrepreneurs living in underserved and off-grid villages across India.

Most of our agents are already a critical service provider in their village. Known to everyone, they are the people you go to when you need power, phone balance, or to buy some sweets for your children.

Some agents are introduced to us by our corporate partners, some are found by our field team, and some find us after hearing about our service. Once we have found a great agent, we train them and maintain a close relationship with them so they can better serve their community.

Why They Work For BuffaloGrid

We share revenue from every charge with our agents. For many of our agents, this can amount to a significant increase in their monthly family income.

Working with BuffaloGrid also helps drive business to their other ventures, whether that is banking services, selling groceries or signing up new phone customers. It quickly becomes a virtuous circle.